AIBS 2018

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Australian International Business Survey (AIBS) 2018

Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS) 2018 is the largest undertaking of its kind in the country and has been surveying current conditions and future outlook of internationally-engaged Australian businesses for the past five years. It is a collaborative effort between Efic, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) and Austrade. 

In 2018, AIBS surveyed 713 businesses, 629 of which were actively undertaking international business activities. Businesses which were not trading internationally were primarily focused on scaling-up domestically or felt they currently lacked the leads or contacts to explore international opportunities.

This year’s AIBS put special focus on two emerging opportunities and trends in Australia’s trade landscape:

  • the business experience of the Latin American market
  • the use of new technologies and online platforms to drive export sales.

Webcast: Analysis by Efic and Austrade’s Chief Economists

Listen to an analysis of the AIBS 2018 results in a special webcast featuring Cassandra Winzenried and Mark Thirlwell – Chief Economists of Efic and Austrade – and hosted by Heath Baker, the ECA’s Head of Policy.



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