Our corporate responsibility


At Efic we are committed to supporting the growth of Australian businesses internationally - in a way that is ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. We are committed to our stakeholders: our clients, employees, the Australian Government as our shareholder and the wider community. We take our responsibilities to these stakeholders seriously. Our corporate responsibility strategy outlines the ways in which we fulfill these responsibilities.

The key components of our corporate responsibility strategy are:

As a Commonwealth government agency, Efic is part of a whole of government approach to implement a child safe framework to protect children and young people from abuse.                                 

Efic considers the risk of child exploitation and abuse, including through child slave labour, in the transactions it supports through a number of measures including:

  • applying the IFC Performance Standards to relevant transactions which includes requirements for protection of vulnerable workers including children (Performance Standard 2),
  • using a screen for small value transactions to identify those requiring more detailed review, and
  • including requirements concerning child labour in a transaction’s legal documentation.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Corporate responsibility.