Export Venture Debt

If you’re experiencing high growth and need working capital to support an export contract(s) between funding rounds, but your bank is unable to help, Efic may be able to assist you through our Export Venture Debt (EVD) solution.

EVD is a loan, not an equity injection. The funding will attach to the export contract you have secured and may be revolving in nature.

Efic provides you with the working capital to assist you in meeting your obligations in connection with the export contract(s). The funds are repaid through your customers’ payments, with redraws available if needed.

Efic’s EVD solution helps you with contract-specific requirements allowing your investment funding to focus on more strategic aspects of your business. EVD might also provide an alternative to selling equity for things like inventory at lower valuations.


  • Minimum of one round of external investment (series A or subsequent) has occurred
  • Funding required for a secured export contract
  • Minimum funding need of A$500,000
  • Unable to access finance support from a commercial bank
  • Capital raising event in view in the next 6-12 months
  • Subject to Efic undertaking due diligence and obtaining credit approval

Scenario - SaaS Company

Customer: SaaS Company provides a digital service to large corporate customers around the world on a monthly subscription model. Customers include household names in the US who have renewed their subscriptions over the last three years.

Need: Following four rounds of previous external investment for product development and sales/marketing, SaaS needs A$2m to customise, implement and support export contracts with top-tier US blue chip clients.

Result: Our EVD product may allow SaaS Company to raise working capital in support of its export contracts without the need to sell down equity.

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