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Export Contract Loan

What is the Export Contract Loan?

Our Export Contract Loan is an easy way for small and medium business exporters, and companies in an export supply chain, to access the finance they need when their bank is unable or unwilling to help.

Who is the Export Contract Loan for?

If you are a first time or experienced exporter, or a company in an export supply chain, and need additional working capital to support a specific export contract or purchase order, but your bank is unable to help, our Export Contract Loan may be the solution you need.

Our Export Contract Loan has:

  • a simple loan structure that’s easy to understand
  • the flexibility to tailor the loan amount and loan term to suit your specific export- related contract
  • the ability to draw down anytime during the loan drawdown availability period, so your additional working capital is available when you need it
  • the availability for pre and post shipment export working capital finance.

Why choose the Export Contract Loan?

This loan could give you access to the finance you need to support:

  • your first export contract or purchase order
  • a specific export contract or purchase order
  • your involvement in an export supply chain.

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