Working capital loan


We can provide you with an Export Contract Loan if you don’t have the assets that your bank requires as security to approve further working capital finance for an export-related contract.

Your bank may also be reluctant to approve finance for your export-related contract if it doesn’t have the risk appetite.

Our Export Contract Loan has been designed with the needs of SME exporters in mind, with a flexible loan structure, streamlined application form and approval process, and the ability to draw down anytime during the loan term.

This gives you access to the finance you need, when your bank is unable or unwilling to help, to support:

  • a specific export-related contract or purchase order
  • multiple export contracts with different buyers
  • your involvement in an export-related supply chain.

How does a working capital loan work?


  • Keeps your business growing through access to additional working capital
  • Prevents business being lost to an overseas competitor if you lack the finance needed to meet the contract’s obligations
  • Gives you the confidence to target new export markets, and larger export contracts or export supply chain contracts

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