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Helping export supply chain businesses grow

We can provide finance support to Australian SMEs with an integral involvement in the supply chain for export contracts.

Are you integral to the supply chain?
If you are supplying into a project where the end product is exported, and there is a close connection between what you provide under your contract and the performance of the export contract itself, then you may be an integral part of an export supply chain.

Do you need to sell directly to the exporter?
No. As long as it can be verified that the final product is exported you may still be considered as an integral part of the export supply chain.

How can Efic help you?

Working capital
We can provide you with a direct loan or partner with your bank to complement the financial solution they provide, so you have the working capital needed to fulfil your orders.

Bank guarantees
We can provide you with the advance payment, performance and/or warranty bonds required under the contract or partner with your bank to provide these bonds.

We’ve helped a range of supply chain businesses take on new opportunities, including:

Birdon, a regular Top 20-SME Supplier to the Australian & US Defence industries and the owner of the USbased marine waterjet manufacturer NAMJet.

Ferra Engineering, a Brisbane-based manufacturer of aerospace structures and sub-systems.

EDMS Australia, a Queensland-based mechanical and electrical engineering, fabrication and construction company.

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