Correction: Efic’s Position on support for Live Export Businesses

An article, published in the Weekly Times on 22 March 2017, had an Efic employee incorrectly commenting on Efic’s position in relation to the export of live cattle. This statement seeks to correct those comments of the Efic employee and to confirm Efic’s position:

About Efic

Efic operates on a commercial basis and provides support to Australian export businesses where there is an export demand and traditional banks may not be able to assist.

Efic’s support of live animal export businesses

Efic provides support to Australian businesses involved in live animal export if they meet Efic's due diligence requirements. Understanding the more complex nature of the industry, Efic's support is provided to businesses that are experienced exporters, have a satisfactory track record and reputation in the live animal export trade and have been issued with a license from the Australian Government to export livestock.

Efic’s due diligence process

Efic's due diligence process also looks at the environmental, social and technical risks associated with the export contract, with particular consideration of animal welfare standards across the countries involved (Australia as the exporter and the host importing nation) , the exporter's response to these standards, and the exporter's compliance with the exporter supply chain assurance system (ESCAS).

More information about Efic’s policies can be found here.