Wellard Rural Exports


Wellard Rural Exports is one of the world’s leading livestock exporters, with operations on every continent.

Wellard bid for a US$12.95 million project to help the National Livestock Development Board of Sri Lanka establish a high productivity dairy farm.

To fulfil the contract, Wellard needed finance for the export of 2000 quality Australian dairy cattle as part of this government-backed dairy development program.

We understand the complexities of international financing structures and can partner with local and international finance networks to deliver export guarantees to help companies like Wellard compete more effectively in global markets.

We provided Rabobank with an export finance guarantee of US$10.52 million, which enabled it to provide a long-term sovereign loan to the Sri Lankan government to fund the dairy infrastructure project.

“This project has also enabled us to work closely with Rabobank and the Government of Sri Lanka and to support them in financing a priority sector for Sri Lanka,” said Efic’s Karin Kobelentz.

While Australian dairy cattle have an international reputation for high quality, providing a finance package to our buyer enabled us to secure the contract.” Steve Meerwald
Managing Director,
Wellard Rural Exports