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RJE Global Pty Ltd is a South Australian engineering, construction and project management company. Differentiating it from its competitors, RJE Global provides a complete full-service range of solutions for the electrical engineering and construction of projects in the Energy - Renewables & Mining - Infrastructure sectors.

The company specialises in prefabricating electrical infrastructure, such as control rooms, switch rooms, substations, diesel generator sets, fuel polishing systems and grid connection solutions for thermal power, solar and wind projects. Indicative of their broad technical expertise, RJE Global is a distributor in Australian, Myanmar & Mongolia for General Electric’s (GE) Transportation MS&D medium speed diesel engines in which RJE Global package to form either a fully enclosed or unenclosed generator solution. These generators are supplied to power plants across the region.

New opportunities

As part of its work in the Asia-Pacific, RJE Global secured two contracts that would provide significant improvements to the power facilities of Indonesia and the Federated States of Micronesia.

RJE Global was contracted to assist with the delivery of more than 35 GW of additional power across Indonesia by 2019. Part of this program is a 500MW Fast Power Project being undertaken by GE Power. This program aims to address the significant impact of electricity shortages.

GE are supplying 20 TM2500 trailer mounted gas turbines. GE subsequently contracted RJE to provide 12 prefabricated fuel processing and storage units destined for eight power generation sites across Indonesia.

RJE Global was also successful in securing a contract that involves the installation of two 1.8MW medium speed diesel fuelled electricity generators as part of a power station upgrade in Chuuk State, Micronesia. The Chuuk electricity grid only serves around 80 per cent of the island’s population. This project would see the power supply reach up to 95 per cent of the island’s population, equating to approximately 14,000 people.

RJE Global was contracted to design, construct and commission a diesel fuel power station. The building will be designed and fabricated by the company in Adelaide.

While the company’s bank was supportive of the two large contracts, it was unable to provide the requested financial support without Efic’s help.

A helping hand

Efic was able to step in and provide a A$3 million Export Working Capital Guarantee and a US$6.27 million Bonding Facility, allowing the company to meet the equipment delivery costs and supporting bonding requirements associated with the contracts.


Without Efic’s support we would have been unable to access the finance we needed to undertake these two substantial projects in the Asia-Pacific. Robin Johnson, Managing Director, RJE Global

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