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Export Working Capital Guarantee

Our Export Working Capital Guarantee facility is available to small and medium exporters, and those companies in an export supply chain, with an annual turnover of less than A$150 million.

We can only approve an Export Working Capital Guarantee facility if you have been unable to secure funding directly from your bank to support your specific export-related contracts or purchase orders.

How our Export Working Capital Guarantee works

Step 1 Export contract You enter into a contract with your overseas buyer or a company in an export supply chain.
Step 2 Bank You apply for working capital finance with your bank to finance the export contract.
Step 3 Efic application You or your bank apply for an Export Working Capital Guarantee facility with us.
Step 4 Guarantee approved and provided We provide you or your bank with an Export Working Capital Guarantee facility.
Step 5 Bank funding Your bank provides you with working capital finance.
Step 6 Buyer repayments Buyer’s payments to you under the export-related contract are paid into a special account controlled by your bank and are used to repay drawings.

Benefits of the Export Working Capital Guarantee:

  • It can give you access to working capital to deliver on export contracts and keep growing your export business.
  • Is available for pre or post shipment working capital finance or both.
  • Can support a single export-related contract or multiple export-related contracts with different buyers.
  • Enables you to establish an ongoing borrowing relationship with your bank.

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