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Export Contract Loan

This simple-to-understand loan allows the ability to be drawn anytime during the loan term, and comes with a flexible loan structure aligned to your cashflow and a streamlined application/approval process.

How our Export Contract Loan works

Step 1 Export contract You enter into a contract with your overseas buyer or a company in an export supply chain.
Step 2 Funds We provide you with a loan to fulfil your contract.
Step 3 Customer payment Your overseas buyer, or a company in an export supply chain, makes payments to you under the contract.
Step 4 Loan repayment You use these payments to repay your loan.

Benefits of the Export Contract Loan:

  • Keeps your business growing through access to additional working capital.
  • Prevents loss of business to an overseas competitor if you lack the finance needed to meet the contract’s obligations.
  • Gives you the confidence to target new export markets, and larger export opportunities or export supply chain contracts.

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