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Bond Facilities

Our Bond Facility is available to first time or experienced exporters, and companies in an export supply chain, with an annual turnover of less than A$150 million.

We can only approve a Bond Facility if you have been unable to secure the issuance of a bond from your bank to support your specific export-related contracts or purchase orders.

How our Bond Facility works

 Step1 Export contract You enter into a contract with your overseas buyer or a company in an export supply chain.
Step 2 Application You apply for bond(s) with us.
Step 3 Security You provide security to us.
Step 4 Bond approved We issue the bond(s) directly to your buyer.


Step 5 Bond provided to bank If your buyer requires your bank to issue the bond, we provide a guarantee to your bank for the value of the bond and your bank issues the bond to your buyer.

Benefits of a Bond Facility:

  • It enables you to compete more effectively in global markets.
  • It can help free up your working capital.
  • A bond is flexible and can be issued directly by us or in conjunction with a bank.

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