Live animal exports - Efic due diligence process

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Live Animal Exports – Efic Due Diligence Process 

All transactions are considered under Efic’s Policy and Procedure for environmental and social review of transactions.  The information below provides further explanation of the due diligence approach for live animal exports. 

Efic will consider providing support for Australia’s live animal export trade.  Efic will only support experienced exporters with a satisfactory track record in the trade.  

A mandatory requirement is that the exporter must hold a valid licence to export.  Efic’s decision is then based on its own due diligence involving:  

  • reviewing an exporter’s track record on shipments of live animals using data available from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.  Any anomalous results are discussed with the exporter. 
  • examining an exporter’s management systems and procedures related to implementing Australian and destination country requirements. 
  • examining an exporter’s resources and capabilities related to live animal exports. 
  • applying Efic’s Policy and Procedure for environmental and social review of transactions.  The Policy commitments include requirements for applying Australian and international standards for animal welfare. 

The approval of the Efic Executive is required for new customers involved in live animal exports irrespective of transaction value.