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Reed Pacific Media is a NSW-based scented advertising agency that develops and delivers scented advertising campaigns for major FMCG brands, primarily for use in retail stores and traditional media.

The company has developed its own proprietary technology that underpins this very distinct product offering, giving it a unique positioning internationally.

Having established the business in 2009, Reed Pacific Media has quickly established a strong export operation, as well as a steady domestic market.

Exports currently comprise 60 per cent of the company’s total sales, with export markets including New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, India and Thailand.

Projected growth

Reed Pacific Media’s patented technology gives it the potential for strong export growth, both in terms of geographical expansion and growth in new scented advertising segments.

The company’s exports as a percentage of total sales are expected to expand to 80 per cent over the next few years, as the business continues to target new overseas growth areas in packaging, out of home advertising and emerging market newspapers.

Key growth markets being targeted are North America, South & Central America, Europe and Northern Central Africa.

To realise its expansion plans and to keep its business running smoothly, Reed Pacific Media needed additional working capital.

Financial support

With the company’s bank unable to provide funding at the time, we provided Reed Pacific Media with a A$350,000 export contract loan.

These funds helped put Reed Pacific Media in a stronger financial position and allowed it to finance a series of new export contracts, while keeping its day-to-day operations running smoothly.

This has allowed Reed Pacific Media to pursue its growth international growth strategy with confidence and tender for an ongoing pipeline of new export contracts as its geographical footprint expands.

"The support of Efic will give us the freedom and flexibility to pursue our international growth strategy, which we are confident will bring great dividends for the business. John McNamee, Chief Executive, Reed Pacific Media."

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