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A unique solution to water purification

Quenton Leach, Founder and CEO of Natural Water Solutions, says the secret to his company’s success is chlorine dioxide. “We’re a company that specialises in the global supply and ongoing development of new products utilising the unique properties of chlorine dioxide, which purifies water” says Quenton.

The key products developed by NWS are designed to treat water to make it drinkable. “It’s my belief that Australia, and the rest of the world, will increase its use of environmentally viable healthcare and water treatment products in commercial, industrial and residential applications,” says Quenton.

In Australia, with the increasing use of water tanks in new residential construction, Leach says there’s been an increase in the demand of their water purifying tablets. “We had a really tough initial introduction to business. A main part of our success has been due to our ongoing education campaign of making people aware of the environmental benefits and effectiveness of our product,” explains Quenton.

“As part of our domestic expansion we went through a stage of product development that moved from a liquid based two-part solution that required professional application, to a simple tablet that provided a whole solution. There’s a huge water tank market in Australia and this solution provided a real entry into this market. It’s probably our biggest seller in the residential market.” 

Crossing the export waters

Global expansion started with an online enquiry through Alibaba, from one of the Philippines’ largest companies. Interested in the products NWS had on offer, as well as the range of potential applications, NWS developed an ongoing distributor relationship. “The relationship is exciting because they’re very proactive in finding new solutions to treat water with. They are currently doing this and treating municipality water with our products, as well as coconut plantations and hospitals,” says Quenton.

“Since that initial export contract, our exports have continued to grow and now total about 50 per cent of the business revenue. The fact that quality is controlled from Australia is a huge positive for us when it comes to selling Australian quality goods overseas,” says Quenton.
With a distributor network set up in the Philippines, Leach says the plan is to expand further into the Asian market.

However, with an increase in orders from their Philippines distributor, and continuing expansion activities, NWS needed a quick cashflow injection to ensure they could fulfil the quarterly distributor requirements without adding pressure to their working capital.

Cashflow injection leads to new opportunities

“We recently put on an accountant and he investigated Efic’s products and set up a meeting. We were having cashflow issues due to having to hold a fair bit of capital in our USD account to pay for product production for our orders.”

Efic’s Small Business Export Loan is designed for small businesses needing a fast cashflow boost of between $50K and $250K. The unsecured loan is available for businesses with a revenue of $250K and $10 million, and allows businesses to set the repayment terms that suits their needs.

“Efic’s Small Business Export Loan has enabled us to use the funds in the business as we need it for orders as they come in. We needed funds fast and the Efic loan delivered – it all happened very quickly,” says Quenton.

“The whole idea of the Small Business Export Loan is to give you access to money reasonably quickly without too many challenges and that’s what it did for us.

“If we hadn’t received the funding there’s no doubt that we would have had a difficult time balancing our orders and cashflow. The timing of finding out about the Efic’s Small Business Export Loan was really convenient. We were very tight with cashflow and we had new projects coming up."

Taking a 9-month repayment term, Leach says the company is now open to take on new export opportunities they would not have thought possible two years ago.

“We believe we have an amazing set of products thanks to our great chemist. We’ve recently expanded out range to include natural products like toothpaste, mouthwash and hand gels which all include our innovative chlorine dioxide in it.

“It’s a really exciting time for us as we’re exploring all of these new industries where our products have real applications and can create a real difference,” says Quenton.

Thanks to Efic’s Small Business Export Loan we’re taking on new opportunities in the Asian market that would not have been possible two years ago. Quenton Leach, Founder, Natural Water Solutions.

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