CCB Envico


CCB Envico is a specialist building contractor that designs and builds facilities for government and private industry in Australia and overseas, with a particular focus on Asia Pacific.

Established in 2003 with a core focus on water and wastewater infrastructure, CCB has recently undertaken a range of process facility works including food-manufacturing plants, defence infrastructure and manufacturing.

CCB has completed over 50 infrastructure projects in 11 years throughout regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, worth around $150m.

Many of these projects have been undertaken from repeat clients who see value in CCB’s contribution, especially early on in a project.

Two high-profile projects 

After successfully completing the Pohnpei project in Micronesia, CCB was awarded two further contracts in the region:

  • The rehabilitation of a conventional sewerage system and provision of a reliable pumping and treatment system as part of the Weno Waste Treatment Project (valued at US$3.3m) in Chuuk State, one of the four states in the Federated States of Micronesia
  • The repair and upgrade to thesaltwater intake as part of the Kiribati Waste Water Sanitation project (valued at US$7.9m) in the Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean.

Both of these contracts required CCB to provide advance payment and performance guarantees that, given the size of the security required, would have locked-up precious working capital.

While CCB’s bank was very supportive of these contracts, it didn’t have the product capability and risk appetite to increase CCB’s exposure to Micronesia and Kiribati.

"Efic was a breath of fresh air – its understanding and commitment to make things happen really helped us secure these two important projects.
Simon Gorman, Director/Construction Manager, CCB Envico."

How we helped

CCB were referred to us by its accounting firm, given our experience in providing solutions to exporters working in developing countries.

We provided CCB with an advance payment bond and a performance bond, along with a surety bond issued by a third-party provider on our behalf.

The performance and surety bonds ensured CCB was able to fulfil its contractual obligations, while our advance payment bond freed up working capital to fund these contracts.

With the Asian Development Bank’s involvement, there is a strong pipeline of projects planned for Micronesia and Kiribati, and CCB’s ongoing experience and strong performance in the region ensures it is well-placed to secure these new opportunities.