“My client needs to provide a bond to fulfil their contractual obligations”


Our solutions - bonds

It is common for an overseas buyer to require a bond (or guarantee) as part of an export contract.

Bonding is also often a prerequisite for Australian subcontractors providing goods or services to domestic export-related contracts.

The types of bonds that we can provide are:

  • Advance payment bonds that provide your client’s buyer with security for their advance payment under an export contract
  • Performance bonds that give the buyer of your client’s product or service assurance that if your client doesn’t meet their obligations under a contract, the buyer can call on the bond to reduce its losses.
  • Warranty bonds that protect your client’s buyer from loss if your client’s product or service doesn’t meet the contractual warranty obligations after the contract is completed.
  • US Surety bonds that allow your client to meet its US bonding requirement, and compete more effectively, by supplying a surety bond from our registered US surety bond issuer, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

How does a bond work?

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