Our criteria


We provide assistance where a ‘market gap’ exists, which means commercial finance is unavailable or insufficient to meet your requirements. The transaction must be viable - financially, technically and commercially.

Your goods or services for export are expected to have sufficient Australian content or the goods or services you are supplying will be integral to an Australian based export project. For direct loans, export finance guarantees and project finance any goods must be of a capital nature.

Typically our clients have an existing relationship with a participating bank and have been operating for at least 2 years, preferably with export experience.

But if you do not meet this criteria do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

If you are looking to establish a presence overseas, we seek for the investment to generate an economic benefit to Australia.

Most of our clients investing overseas do so for business growth purposes and we recognise that your decision to grow offshore often reflects a stable and profitable Australian business but growth opportunities are in international markets.

Our minimum guarantee value is $100,000 and is subject to our integral test.


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