“I need additional working capital to fulfil a new contract”


Our solution - working capital guarantee             

A working capital guarantee can be provided to your bank if you don’t have the security that your bank requires to approve further working capital finance necessary to fulfil a supply chain contract.

We assisted Bothar Boring & Tunnelling to secure an export supply chain contract by providing a working capital guarantee.

Bothar Boring & Tunnelling is a Brisbane-based engineering services company that’s no stranger to overseas markets.

It has built a significant business in Australia and the Middle East installing and fixing underground facilities for water, gas, sewage and housing cables.

When Bothar won new drilling contracts with Australian Pacific LNG and Gladstone GLNG to produce liquefied natural gas for export, it required additional working capital to fulfil these opportunities.

Bothar’s bank was very supportive but was unable to provide all the funding the company needed.

We worked closely with Westpac, with our working capital guarantee allowing it to approve the additional working capital that Bothar needed for the two natural gas contracts.

How does a working capital guarantee work?

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