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Export Line of Credit

This easy-to-understand facility gives the flexibility to be drawn and repaid multiple times during the loan term to provide access to additional working capital when you need it to support your eligible export-related contracts.

How our Export Line of Credit works

Step 1 Export contract You enter into contracts with overseas buyers or buyers in an export supply chain.
Step 2 Funds We provide you with a loan to fulfil your eligible export-related contracts from time to time.
Step 3 Customer payment Your buyers make payments to you under contracts.
Step 4 Loan repayment and redraw You use customer payments to repay your loan and you can redraw up to the loan limit to fulfil eligible export-related contracts.

Benefits of the Export Line of Credit:

  • It can keep your business growing through access to additional working capital.
  • Reassurance that you have a line of credit available for eligible export-related contracts, which could help prevent loss of business to overseas competitors.
  • Can provide support for targeting new export markets, export opportunities or export supply chain contracts.

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