“I need a working capital guarantee to fulfil an export opportunity”


Our solution - working capital guarantee                   

A working capital guarantee can be provided to your bank if you don’t have the security that the bank requires to approve further working capital finance.

PCT Global is an example of a company where our working capital guarantee helped them to fulfil an export contract.

PCT Global is the manufacturer and distributor of EnduroShield®, an easy clean treatment and cleaner for surfaces like glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome and tiles.

PCT needed additional working capital to support the launch of its Do-It-Yourself kits into Home Depot in the U.S, the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer.

Home Depot has more than 2,200 retail stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico, selling building materials, home improvement, lawn and garden products.

We provided a working capital guarantee for US$650,000, which PCT used to buy raw materials and packaging for the increased manufacturing volumes required under this agreement.

PCT’s experience with Bunnings in Australia helped when fulfilling this larger contract, which has seen the EnduroShield® brand grow worldwide.

This contract has also given PCT credibility that it is capable of fulfilling large supply and distribution contracts, and as a result has attracted interest from other large retail outlets.

How does a working capital guarantee work?