Unleashing financial opportunities in the global markets turmoil 

 Unleashing financial opportunities in the global markets turmoil 


Paul Bloxham, HSBC  

Paul Bloxham

Paul Bloxham has been Chief Economist for HSBC in Australia and New Zealand since September 2010.

In this role, he is chief spokesperson for HSBC on forecasts and trends for the Australian and New Zealand economies and their interaction with global financial markets and international economies. He is also a critical member of the HSBC Global Research team, working with 500 analysts across 87 markets to help formulate HSBC’s unique global view of the world’s economy.

Prior to joining HSBC, Paul Bloxham was an economist within the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Economic Analysis Department where he headed up the overseas economies and financial conditions sections, as well as working on domestic forecasting and prices. Bloxham has published a number of papers, including on housing and household finances, as well as on asset prices and monetary policy. He holds a Master’s degree in public financial policy from the London School of Economics.


Alexandra Cain, freelance finance journalist  

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain is a freelance finance journalist and writes regularly for The Australian Financial Review, Mortgage and Finance Brief, and Insurance and Risk Professional among others.

Overseas, Ali writes for CEO magazine, published in the UK and US, as well as Finance Director Europe, which is published in the UK, and Pensions & Investments, published in the US. Ali also works as an occasional stringer for the UK Sunday Times.

Ali also authored the popular Savvy Investor blog on The Sydney Morning Herald's web site. She also contributes to and edits a number of other Herald sections.

She has also co-authored two books with David Koch, Strap on the Parachute: starting a business in good times and bad and Riding the recovery: 101 success strategies for business and life.

Ali holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney and a Master of Arts in Communication Management from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Roger Donnelly, EFIC  

Roger Donnelly

Roger Donnelly is responsible for country risk assessment and rating at EFIC. One of his roles is to provide in-depth market briefings for clients, industry and government on economic and geopolitical issues and the outlook for Australian exports and investment.

Before joining EFIC, Roger worked for the Commonwealth Treasury, the Office of National Assessments and as a consultant to both Australian and foreign companies and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). His experience spans public policy analysis, economic forecasting, investment feasibility studies, country risk assessment and lecturing.

Roger is a member of the OECD Committee of Country Risk Experts and has travelled extensively throughout Asia and emerging markets. His newsletter, World Risk Developments, circulates widely in Australia and abroad.


Nicholas Grzegorczyn, Gasco  

Nicholas Grzegorczyn

Nicholas Grzegorczyn has had a major role in the business direction of Gasco, since its establishment in 1991 and was appointed CEO/Managing Director in 2005.

He is responsible for the business management and strategic direction of Gasco including export. He will oversee the performance of department heads in an endeavour to meet industry best practice.

In previous roles, Nicholas has had sound commercial experience in business management and operations, leadership of teams, project management, finance and marketing. He has gained extensive experience in project managing and working closely with engineers, architects, government bodies, suppliers, builders, solicitors and owners for major projects.

He has acted as a Director for business advisory company, Apartment Hotel Chain and Property Development Company.

In November 2011, he was honoured to be appointed by the Federal Government as a participant in the Resources Sector Supplier Advisory Forum as part of the Buy Australia at Home and Abroad campaign.

Nicholas holds a Bachelor Business (Monash University) and is a CPA.


Marcus Moufarrige, Servcorp  

Marcus Moufarrige

Marcus is the chief investment officer of virtual and serviced office group, Servcorp and is responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure.

He joined Servcorp in 1992 as the group’s general manager for the Asia-Pacific.

Prior to joining the company, Marcus dreamed of being a property developer, but after securing a much sought after job in property development, he found what he enjoyed most was playing on the office network. His father, Alf Moufarrige, Servcorp’s founder, offered him free reign of Servcorp’s systems, an offer that Marcus reluctantly accepted.

During his time at the company, Marcus has helped develop the company’s Hotdesk product which allows businesses to book office facilities, access files and emails remotely.

He also pioneered the group’s multi-tenant IP telephony system. He counts surviving a year in Myanmar (Burma) setting up Servcorp operations, discovering the online world, building and rolling out a totally unique information management system and re-branding Servcorp as his career milestones.


Justin Slaughter, AUSTREX  

Justin Slaughter

Justin Slaughter is a Principal and Managing Director of Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (AUSTREX).

AUSTREX, established in 1973, is a leading Australian livestock export company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Justin has over 18 years experience in developing global markets for Australian livestock and agricultural product, with significant experience in the China market, and is Chairman of the Queensland Livestock Exporters Association (QLEA).

AUSTREX has a long and recognised history in exporting breeding and feeder cattle, genetics and other agricultural products. A global trading house, AUSTREX is one of the largest livestock export businesses in the world with operations also in Russia, China, USA, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia and New Zealand.