Fully Loaded Cargo ShipWhen making the decision to export or invest overseas, the level of risk associated with the destination is an important consideration.

Our Economics Team, comprising chief economist Roger Donnelly, senior economist Cassandra Winzenried and economist Ignatius Forbes, produces several publications to help Australian exporters assess the risk of investing in a particular country. They include:

  • Efic’s country profiles, which provide information about the risks of doing business in a particular export destination
  • World Risk Developments, a free monthly email newsletter on developments in the world economy and emerging markets. You can download the latest edition or past editions or subscribe to receive free monthly updates.

Our economists frequently give interviews and presentations and write papers about economic and geopolitical issues. Read or listen to them.



The information in the country profiles is published for general information only and does not comprise advice or a recommendation of any kind. Efic's liability is limited as indicated in each country profile.