Customer service charter 

 Customer service charter 

Our Customer Service Charter informs you of the quality and timeliness of service you can expect to receive from us.

Quality of service

We strive to provide a consistently high quality of service to our clients. We invest time to fully understand your needs and build an effective working relationship.

At all times, you can expect our staff to:

  • be responsive to your needs
  • act in a professional and courteous manner
  • demonstrate integrity
  • respect the confidentiality of information you provide to us.

Our communication

We encourage open communication with our clients.

Whatever the stage of your transaction we will:

  • stay in touch with you and regularly update you on the status of your transaction
  • encourage you to call us or write to us with any enquiries you may have
  • aim to answer your call or respond to your email or letter promptly. If no-one is immediately available to address your query, we’ll find an appropriate staff member to contact you as soon as possible
  • be happy to welcome you to our Sydney office or, where appropriate, meet at your office. You can make an appointment by calling the staff member you are dealing with or the main switchboard on (02) 8273 5333.

Our decision-making process

We’ll make timely decisions and do our best to meet your turnaround requirements. If we’re unable to do so we will explain why and tell you when you can expect to receive a response.

When making decisions, we often need to request information from you. We will ensure that our requests for information are stated clearly.

If you submit an initial application for finance we’ll advise you promptly whether Efic finance is appropriate for your transaction, or whether we require further information from you.

Efic practises responsible lending in both financial and ethical contexts. We uphold best practice environmental and social standards in the transactions we support. We carefully assess applications relating to exports or investments which may have a significant impact on the environment. More information is available in our Corporate Responsibility Policy and our Environment Policy.

Providing information about our services

To inform you about our services and any new developments within Efic, we will:

  • publish brochures on our products
  • publish an annual report including our financial statements
  • maintain the Efic website

Consultation about our service

We’ll consult our clients regularly about how well our products and services are meeting their needs and conduct research periodically to seek their views on particular issues.

Helping us to meet our service commitments

 We need to work in partnership with you to meet our service commitments.

You can help us by promptly:

  • providing information that is complete and accurate
  • advising us of any changes in information

We’ll seek to advise you upfront of all information requirements. Sometimes we may have to ask you for further information, which we could not have anticipated originally. If we require additional information, we’ll inform you promptly.

How to give us feedback

We welcome your feedback as an opportunity to improve our service.

If you’re unhappy with our service for any reason, we’ll seek to address your concerns.

You can provide feedback through any of the following channels:

  • inform the staff member who is handling your transaction, or their manager
  • call us on 1800 887 588 or (02) 8273 5333
  • email