SME Exporter Index March 2015

SME Exporter Index March 2015

Efic looks to understand current trends and issues within the SME export market through ongoing research. 

SME Information Series

SME Information Series

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Compumedics Limited is a Melbourne-based company which designs and manufactures computer-based medical products.

Efic bridges gap for project finance

Efic bridges gap for project finance

Article by Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific Editor, The Australian.

CCB Envico

CCB Envico

CCB Envico is a specialist building contractor that designs and builds facilities for government and private industry in Australia and overseas, with a particular focus on Asia Pacific.

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Image for SME exporters
  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Existing exporter
  • Annual turnover up to $150 million
Image for Subcontractor in a global supply chain
  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Supplying goods or services to a company where the final output is exported
  • Annual turnover up to $150 million
Image for Overseas direct investment
  • Establishing business operations overseas to improve supply and service capability to your clients
  • Annual turnover over $2.5 million
Image for Film & TV producer
  • Australian film, documentary or television productions
  • International distribution rights
  • Eligible for Producer Offset or Post, Digital and Visual Effects Offset (PDV) rebate
Image for Large exporters and project finance
  • Large exporters with turnover above $150 million 
  • Overseas projects with sufficient Australian content 
Image for Banks

We can work with you to provide financial solutions to export and export supply chain clients

Client solutions

Exporter Journey

To help you on the path to export success, our Exporter Journey will take you, step-by-step, through the key areas relating to exporting, including preparing for export, developing an export strategy, winning export contracts, how to finance exports, getting paid on time and expanding your business overseas.

Australia's Export Environment

Through this interactive map, you can explore Australia’s trading relationships with the rest of the world. Learn about our top exports, our strongest partnerships, and how our economy trades with others.

Export Contract Loan

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of our Export Contract Loan.

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Our quarterly SME Exporter Sentiment research provides insights on current trends and issues in export markets.


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Let's create a "services silk road"

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